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Have Your Coffee and Table Too!

Walking into your favorite Starbucks and see the line almost to the door, glancing around you notice the best table, the one in a corner with its own outlet and squishy chair that’s perfect for your back is currently vacant.  The DILEMMA. Do you wait in line and miss the table or do you grab [...]

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Netflix Night No Problems We Deliver

Providing your customers with their orders in a quick and efficient manner is imperative, if you don’t, your competitors will be. As we have mentioned before, technology plays a huge role in your ability to provide a productive and profitable system for your business.  This includes the ability to provide delivery services. Let’s dip into [...]

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Txt me Maybe

As a business owner you are busy. You have a restaurant to run, orders and bookkeeping and staff to manage. The kitchen, the front of the house and marketing it all! There are a lot of pots to stir. Things change on the fly and it’s difficult to email. In this ever changing world, most [...]

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DAAS – Delivery as a Service is Now!

Think your pizza is perfect for the pool party, cake for the late night dessert or maybe you have the best pasta on the block! Who are we to argue! We want to see your pizza at all the parties! Been struggling with how to add delivery to your menu! So are we! Let’s change [...]

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Delivery is not just for Fries anymore Alexa “Order Milk”

Heading home from a trip, spending the day at the beach with the Family or just realized in the middle of the work day you don’t have all the ingredients for dinner.  No worries, Amazon is going to fix that for you! With their recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market.  Soon you will be able [...]

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App vs Responsive Design – Don’t Choose – Have Both

Mobile this, mobile that… everyone is glued to their smartphone or tablet, how do you make it easy for them to see what you are offering and then order? Easy, have an app and a responsive site. No need to choose and let’s talk about how to make that happen! A responsive website means that [...]

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You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Kiosks

Are you considering automating with kiosks? These handy dandy automated touch screens, empowering your customers to order on their own, pay on their own and could potentially save you money aren’t all the gold mines they claim to be.  Sure, it’s great to have automation, people can self-check out, customize, there is no longer the [...]

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Thinking of Offering Online Ordering? What Your Restaurant Needs to Know

 1/10/17 7:00 AM  Natalie Appleton That’s it. This is the year your restaurant is going to tackle—er, embrace—online ordering. Trouble is, you’re just not sure where to start. And when you begin to look into it, you get lost in the proverbial rabbit hole. What kind of system? Should we deliver? What’s the ROI? So many [...]

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Happy New Year TakeOut Technologies!

  The New Year is Here! TakeOut Tech is celebrating the 2016 New Year with our new website.  New functionality, responsive design, more POS partners, more loyalty integrations. Loyalty Single Sign-On Paytronix has now gone live at California Tortilla and it is a huge success.  Sign-in to loyalty, gift, rewards, and place an order [...]

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The 5 Best Bacon Beers

The 5 Best Bacon Beers: There have been dozens upon dozens of bacon beers attempted. Not all have been able to capture the majestic goodness that IS bacon, while honoring the hops & malts of our beloved beer. These five breweries listed below have done a spot-on job of doing so, earning call outs by [...]

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