3 Reasons for Bacon!

3 Reasons for Bacon! By Michele J Martin My love of bacon is no great mystery, from donuts to silk scarves , it’s delectable scent permeates my soul. But fashion and donuts are only the tips of the bacon iceberg when we are discussing the reasons to adore bacon.All over the world bacon is celebrated, [...]

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The State of High Bacon Fashion

The State of High Bacon Fashion By Michele J. Martin   Never again does one need to leave the bacon at home. From fine silk scarfs to a bacon tea party dress, there is never again an event that will leave you baconless, atleast where fashion comes to mind

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The United States of #Bacon

  Without a doubt, America has a love affair with bacon. Over 2000 roadways, 8 cities, and even an island, bear the name Bacon in the United States. Sure, perhaps the names are actually in honor of historic men over the centuries, but I dream of a planner so inspired by the swine on their [...]

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If you could sue over a bad review, would you?

First Amendment or Legal Case?

First Amendment or Legal Case? If you could sue over a bad review, would you? Some businesses have been successfully doing just that. A recent judgement in France has US bloggers on alert. Restaurants have had random success suing professional food critics for libel in the past, what makes this one different is that the [...]

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The Weekly Bacon: Great Moments in Bacon History

The Weekly Bacon: Great Moments in Bacon History by Michele J Martin While Bacon has been referenced as far back as the Roman era, what we have come to know as bacon, wasn’t created until the mid 18th century in Britain when, food historians note, pig farmers began paying closer attention to the meatier areas [...]

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The Weekly Bacon: The Best Bacon Doughnuts in America

The Weekly Bacon: The Best Bacon Doughnuts in America by Michele J Martin   There are some things in life that exist solely to make everything they come into contact with better. Bacon is one of these things. Sweet or savory, maple, apple, or even chocolate; the pairings are all sure signs that magic exists, [...]

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Why Restaurants Need to Make Friends with Emerging Technologies

Why Restaurants Need to Make Friends with Emerging Technologies by Michele J Martin Is the restaurant industry technologies reluctant best friend? Not too long ago, technology, as we now know it, was a novelty. Personal computing showed up 30 years ago with Apple and IBM, while the world wide web arrived just under a decade [...]

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Why Txt Messaging – Online-Mobile Ordering

  An astonishing 85% of the population owns mobile devices, they are checking those devices over 150 times per day, checking email, facebook and receiving text or SMS messages.  98% of all SMS messages are opened.  These are some high numbers, how do you use them for your business?   They offer you the potential of [...]

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Hot Sauce News July ’13

The Long Hot Summer is here!   Zachary’s New Customer Profile This is one Hot Pizza Group!  Established in 1983, a 100% employee-owned company with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon, and Pleasant Hill. The eccentric culture is recognized locally and nationally with over 150 BestPizzaAwards! In addition to [...]

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5 Big Reasons to Use Mobile/Online Ordering

TakeOut Technologies is seeing Mobile/Online Ordering on the rise as more and more people adapt and use their phones, tablet and computers to complete orders.  One of our biggest client requests is an easy to use system for both them and their customers! We provide a cost effective, reliable, and easy to use system that [...]

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