DAAS – Delivery As A Service

Mobile OrderIt’s a question you hear everyday… customers are asking, employee’s are telling you about different options. You are hesitant to take the leap, it seems so difficult and expensive. It’s easier than you think, so easy in fact…. We are talking about adding delivery service to your menu! It’s not enough to offer take-out or outdoor seating, people want the convenience of ordering with a few clicks and having their food show up hot and ready. You want to add delivery without the headache of adding drivers and insurance woes. The answer really is simple.

 The option is now yours. Let the people order and you will deliver. Well, not you…. but highly trained and already working delivery drivers will. They will handle it all!! You just subscribe and install specific software that integrates with your existing software. This will enable you to allow your customers to order from you for delivery. That’s your part, the next part the delivery part… is easy. The software will contact drivers that are already insured and reputable as delivery drivers in your area. They will be given the order, it will be confirmed and processed. You prepare the order and they will come pick it up and deliver it.

 Our DAAS software make it easy for you to give your customers what they want…. the ease of ordering online and having food delivered. This new service will be available soon. For a single monthly flat fee, we will partner with an established company. This partnership includes them handling the order and delivery. They will also, pay and insure the drivers.

We are excited to be offering DAAS software soon and can’t wait to help you offer another valuable service to your clients. We are always looking for ways to help you and bring your level of service up! Keep watch here or if you are interested send an email and we can notify you!

By Brandie McCallum   lttlewys@gmail.com


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