Nab the Holiday Shopper with Google or Yelp

It’s a busy tiholiday marketme…your customers are going to be looking for a place to host their holiday parties, somewhere to have a family meal and even a place to rest weary shopped out feet and nosh on some spicy wings! Now is a good time to check your online information! Google and Yelp are popular when shoppers are looking from the mall! .

For right now, let’s focus on Google and Yelp. They are easy to update, and with a few clicks, you can be Holiday ready!

Google last year started using data from customers to calculate busy and nonbusy times each day. They are also, giving people an estimated wait time and time spent there. As more people are eating out for the holiday season, they will be using this feature to find places near them to figure out where they can escape the holiday crowds.

Here is an essential step you must take now. Take a look at your Google profile. Is all the information accurate? Is your website URL there? Phone number and address. Take a look at when Google thinks you are busy, there might be variances, of course.

Next, head over to Yelp. Do the same thing. Check all your information. This is a little more challenging. If you haven’t “claimed” your Yelp profile before, you will have to do that to make changes. Claiming your profile can be done either by desktop or mobile. Double check your information.  They will also, let customers know what the wait is when they take a look at it. If you are set up with your Yelp account, you have the option of allowing your customers to make reservations that way!

It’s Holiday time, don’t get caught unprepared.  Making it easier for your customers to know when you are the spot to grab a great meal during the hustle and bustle of the mall or bring Grandma in for a quiet, low key meal when they don’t have to wait very long is a solid gold win for your holiday!

By Brandie McCallum

Brand Mangere


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