Run Your Tech Don’t Let it Cook You!


You can have the technology to let your waitstaff enter their orders with a few swift clicks, create LED lights in the kitchen to help the cooks know where they are with orders and even provide tablets on each table so patrons can order, pay and play games at their table. The tech is wonderful and amazingly efficient as long as you don’t let it run your business without you.

Technology is amazing, it creates less mistakes and order for the staff, helps save money with tracking inventory and keeps business moving along. You can have software to track your alcohol, your food, track your refrigerator temperatures, allow your customers to order and play games at the table. Technology has given you efficiency and cost savings.

It’s time to make sure you manage your tech. Set time aside each month to make sure p.o.s stations are working correctly, software is up to date and employees are up on their training.  Creating an ease of use with the p.o.s station gives your employees more time to spend with customers and less stress when they are busy. Or maybe you want to keep up to date on new systems available for your place! Pssst…. You can click here and we will let you know!

That being said, can you run without the technology? Servers need to be able to take orders with pen and paper, the cooks should be able to read those orders. Things happen.  Software stops working, credit card machines go down and you can’t stop working when your tech does.

It’s important to have the tech on hand to aid you in running your business.  To use the advantages of technology, to save money, time and create a better experience for your customers.  Curious what that tech may be? You can find several options here.

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By Brandie McCallum


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