The Secret to Success Isn’t in the Sauce It’s in the Software

All in the sauceCreating a smart and efficient system in your restaurant is the key to success.  Knowing that chaos in the back of the house will lead to chaos in the front of the house and vice versa is the key reason to implement.  One of the most efficient ways to create an efficient system is the systems you have in place for ordering. Software is more than just ordering food from the customers to the kitchen.

Knowing your data is key to running a restaurant.   Informed decision-making is what could keep your restaurant alive and ensure you’re not among that 26.16% of new restaurants that fail.

The best software to have is the one that can be customizable to fit your needs. Easy to use and able to handle the volume of your busiest brunch!

Your servers aren’t the only ones that need to be able to utilize; your managers are going to need to be able to close out and open the day. The kitchen staff will need to order for the kitchen, your bar manager needs to order beverages. Management will need to create the schedules for all the staff.  The data is going to tell you when you need that extra bus person and when you can be down a sous chef.

Speaking of data, your software should be able to give you all your numbers for food and beverages. With the smart software, there should be able to have such efficiencies, there will be very little food loss or over ordering.

It sounds like a daunting task to find the software that does everything. The system you choose will be the backbone of your team. Eliminating redundancies and following the data will allow for less than a 5% of waste and money loss. Creating a list of needs and wants will make it easier to find what you are looking for. Contact our sales team and we can answer all your questions.

By Brandie McCallum

My Community Manager

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