10 Tips for the Holidays and Success

tips for the holidaysCan you believe it’s the first week of November? We can’t either… we are here to help you ease into the holidays with a few tips about preparing for the holidays and the parties! It’s the time to start considering several things before the rush of Holiday hijinks hits you!

Consider staff and inventory

With the approaching holidays, you know people are going to want time off and at the same time, you are going to be very busy.  This is especially true if you have a party room or host any holiday parties.  Looking at the books from last year will help you determine how your holiday season went. Here are few things to consider:

  1. Sit down with a calendar for November, December, and January. List your hours and determine how much staff you will need.
  2. Does any of your software need to be updated?
  3. Will you be closed on any days?
  4. Consider special holiday drinks and food. What will the menu look have?
  5. Order Inventory. Waste is common, determine how much you will need.

Marketing and planning

Once you have an idea of what days you are open and how your menu will look. It’s necessary to promote and market any events.  Perhaps, you have a back room that is great for small parties. Marketing is more than posting to facebook occasionally. The holidays are a chance for you connect and let your community share with you.

  1. Figure your offerings; these could be gift cards, catering or special holiday happy hours.
  2. Create graphics. One for each holiday. Make sure they are inclusive and won’t offend anyone
  3. Consider sending out a newsletter or holiday card to your customers.  Let them know what you are offering and how they can purchase
  4. Run a holiday contest. Have customers send in holiday pictures or stories. Make sure to check the rules around contests on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Keep staff informed of all promotions and happenings for a smooth customer experience.

A few last tips… decorate your restaurant. Create a fun and spirited environment that people are going to enjoy visiting. Clearly, post any changes to hours in several places. Suggest to the staff they dress up or even just wear green or red. People are going to be rushed and harried at this time of year and perhaps even be extra stressed or sad, now is the time create a place to celebrate or relax and enjoy your holiday offerings!

By Brandie McCallum

TOT Community Manager

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