App vs Responsive Design – Don’t Choose – Have Both


Mobile this, mobile that… everyone is glued to their smartphone or tablet, how do you make it easy for them to see what you are offering and then order? Easy, have an app and a responsive site. No need to choose and let’s talk about how to make that happen!

A responsive website means that when someone visits your website via desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, your website will adapt to that particular screen. Why is this important? You spend a lot of time creating the content and pictures that are on your website. It’s important to make that first good impression and have all your content look pretty no matter the way people are getting to it. Implementing a responsive design will create a friendly and smart experience for your customers. This is a solid investment since more than 80% of the United States will use their mobile device to visit your website, make sure it’s a great experience.

Apps  smartphone

Let’s talk apps, no, not appetizers. Applications that are developed to be straightforward and have exact features and functionality specific to your needs. They work on almost every mobile device and are separate from your website. Apps are also, able to access calendars and use push notifications. The ability to use technologies like QR codes, voice recognition, and augmented reality are even more admirable attributes.

So why, have both? Easy, they both do different things; sure it seems they are pretty similar and the basic functionality are the same. Let’s talk about the experience you wish for your customers to have and how easy it is for them to make a purchase.

 Having an app and a website gives another layer of credibility and longevity with your business to have invested in an app and website, once established both a website and app are easily maintained at a small cost. Making it easy for your customer will help create brand loyalty and keep them coming back for more. All of these together will enable you to expand and grow your business.

It’s not an easy step to take. However, it is important to keep your business moving forward with your customers and giving them the easiest way to make purchases. Use both a responsive website and mobile app for your business.

By Brandie McCallum  @lttlewys

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