Delivery is not just for Fries anymore Alexa “Order Milk”

amazon echopngHeading home from a trip, spending the day at the beach with the Family or just realized in the middle of the work day you don’t have all the ingredients for dinner.  No worries, Amazon is going to fix that for you! With their recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market.  Soon you will be able to order anything and everything you need with the simple swipe of a button and either have it delivered or ready for you to pick up at the the store. Amazon has already made many changes to how we shop and now they are about to make major changes in the way we buy food.

And, while the internet went crazy with Alexa jokes about it, the infinite possibilities are still being explored. The bigger picture for the acquisition is easy.

Whole Foods has been struggling financially and losing it’s customers.  This purchase will allow it to stabilize and give a much needed influx of cash.  As of now, nothing internally will be changing and the headquarters will remain in Austin. You will still be able shop easily.

JesalTweetBezosWholeFoodsThe bigger change will be for Amazon, who for the past several months has been expanding its grocery and home goods inventory and consumer experiences.  Creating the Amazon Dash Buttons and offering Prime accounts to more people at special pricing.  They have now acquired over 400 Whole Food Markets and can tap into that inventory and create the pricing structure that fits best for their customers.  They will, also be able to offer expanded delivery services from Whole Foods adding to their already robust Amazonfresh. Their newest endeavor Amazonfresh Pick-up will also, benefit from the addition.  Amazonfresh Pick-up allows the customer to order their groceries and pick them up at a set time. (Currently only in 2 locations).

Having your groceries delivered or ready for you when you get to the store will be time saving and create a more cohesive shopping experience which is Bezos ultimate goal. Bezos will be changing the whole industry and the way we shop with it.

All the more reasons restaurants need to step up their game with automation, mobile ordering, DAAS (delivery as a service).

Will Alexa be ordering your milk and eggs for you?


By Brandie McCallum


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