Have Your Coffee and Table Too!


Walking into your favorite Starbucks and see the line almost to the door, glancing around you notice the best table, the one in a corner with its own outlet and squishy chair that’s perfect for your back is currently vacant.  The DILEMMA. Do you wait in line and miss the table or do you grab the table and wait even longer for your quad shot-mochaccino with two pumps caramel.


Quick Ordering

Grab that table and settle into that comfy spot!! You can have both and won’t have to wait in that long line!! Grab your cell phone and download the Starbucks app if you don’t already have it.  Order right from your table and in a few minutes your drink will be up on the counter!



















Keeping it Easy

There is no messing with the cashier, no worry over your drink is not what you ordered.  You don’t have to a kiosk you need to try to figure out. No need to mess with cash or credit card, with the app your payment is already there.  Starbucks will even reward each purchase!


Come in Often

Return frequently or visit other locations? Starbucks will remember your preferences! With just a few swipes, your order will be ready and on the counter or if you are in a rush, just drive-thru and let the barista know you pre-ordered! Don’t forget to tip your baristas! That’s in the app, too!


Keep Caffeinated

Downloading the app and signing up gets you all the perks and fun you can handle! Once you collect a certain amount of stars, you receive a free beverage or food item.  Being a member gives you insider information on new drinks and food.  Save time, save money, everything is all on your phone!

By Brandie McCallum


My Community Manager

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