Hot Sauce News June 13

MiguelsJrNew Front is a Launch, Miguels Jr is Up!
Miguel’s Jr has launched the new FrontEnd.  This is a live site so don’t complete an order. Now Miguel’s Jr does not have a lot of pictures but you can switch between View All and Category View, quick and easy. One Frame Construction, Shopping Cart that allows pictures. Picture if you have them will be in the shopping cart, and on the confirmation email. Just see the new TOT flexibility, guest login, google maps locator, pictures and so much more

Here is the Great American Cookie FrontEnd  Now this version has all pictures, with more styles behind this. Both views will also work on tablets or iPads. Confirmations have pictures, as well as the shopping cart. To edit an item just click it. Guest Check Out is now a snap!

Group Ordering
Yes we went off shore to build Group Ordering to Spec and it did not come out exactly what we wanted. We are now build it ourselves and it looks and works just awesome, we think we are just a month away now.

New Website
See our Mobile Demo! Log into your backend of your site, no longer do you have to save your URL to do this. Comments for new features, see how simple and easy we are to help you make money, spend little make more. …..

New BackEnd Features
Build your own Holiday Orders!
New POS Dashboard, watch and manage your orders on any device
New FAX Dashboard, the same!

Welcome the New Sites!
20 New Great American Cookies
10 More Nestle Café’s
1 Belcampo
1 Katella Custom Cakes
5 Costa Vidas
1 HomePlate
1 Costa Vida Fillmore
4 Zachary’s Pizzas
2 Paxti’s
4 California Tortilla
13 Miguel’s
3 Freshii

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