Make Delivery Happen For You

delievery as a serviceThere is nothing better than being able to enable your customers with different ways to order your food.  Creating an enjoyable experience is more than welcoming them to your restaurant and serving them 5-star food.  Being able to grow with your customer, that means looking at software that can add delivery services, adding online ordering. Delivery gives your customers another way to enjoy your food! How does that even happen for you?

You are ready to take the step of adding delivery service. Let’s see what that would like for you! Start online.  Add to your website the software that will enable your customers to order online. The ability to order via mobile will increase the ease of access to your menu, process credit cards and allow for more accurate ordering. Speeding up the process for you and them!

When determining which software to implement, you should first decide what you are looking for and what will suit the needs of your business.

Some options could be:

POS integration

What are the fees

How does it treat credit card payments

What kind of customer service do they offer- can you talk to a human

Are delivery services offered

Implementing the software and training the staff would be the next step.  Installing software might be challenging, change is hard.  Be patient with your staff, make it fun to learn! Processes will have to change; there will be a new need, someone to handle the orders in the kitchen.

If you are considering new software and adding delivery as a service, the process is practically painless, and there is help available. You can contact us and ask questions, get a demo and be given an in-depth analysis of what we can assist you with.

By Brandie McCallum

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