Netflix Night No Problems We Deliver

DeliverProviding your customers with their orders in a quick and efficient manner is imperative, if you don’t, your competitors will be. As we have mentioned before, technology plays a huge role in your ability to provide a productive and profitable system for your business.  This includes the ability to provide delivery services. Let’s dip into the technology again.  With ease and a few clicks, your drivers will have clear and precise directions to the order address, you will have the ability to monitor your driver, the customer can see where their order is in the whole process and orders are seamlessly integrated into your existing system.

Ensuring your ordering system is seamless for both your customer doing the ordering and the kitchen putting the order together ensures there are no mistakes and the process is easy for everyone to understand.

Once the order is packed and in the hands of the delivery driver, tracking the order gives the customer the ability to see when the order will arrive with a close estimate ( so they can put on pants).  As the business order being able to track the driver gives you the ability to assess and plan for the next round of orders. Even at the height of your busiest times, this will ensure there is less chaos and simplicity in your back of the house.

Your delivery driver won’t be stressed or confused as most software systems will send an SMS text to the customer as well as provide detailed turn by turn directions to the driver.  All the need to do  is set the phone in the dash holder and turn on the speaker and be on their way!

The ability to be able to use technology to create more efficiencies in your process, will allow your staff to spend more time with the customers providing excellent service.  Having an established process for ordering and delivery extends your excellent service and gives your fans another way to enjoy their favorite meals during the times they are having a Netflix evening or day at the pool!

By Brandie McCallum

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