New Table Service Changes the Game

Order from the Table (1)

Are you wondering how you can create a more efficient system in your restaurant? Something that not only makes your job easier allows you to make menu changes with just a few quick taps on your computer, create specials and add them to the menu without contacting a printer or worry about the servers getting it wrong. Eliminate server errors with special requests to meals. Table service has evolved and it’s time to evolve with it.

Sounds crazy, right? It’s not. You can now have software that will allow you to hand your customers tablets when they sit down, and with just a few taps, they can place their orders straight to the kitchen and bar.

This doesn’t eliminate any jobs, in fact, it will allow your servers to spend more time creating the superb customer experience and less time worrying about food. This system will enable them to spend more time paying attention to the needs of your customers. With a more streamlined service, the tables will turn over quicker and with greater efficiency

Picture this…. your customers walk in and are seated pleasantly.  They are handed tablets and given a quick walk through of the menu on the tablet. The server comes by the table to bring water and make sure the customer understands and doesn’t have any questions.  Orders are placed at the leisure of your customer and sent directly to the kitchen.  Shortly after the order is placed, the food is brought out.  The server once again swings by the table and checks to make sure everything tastes amazing.

The end result is a streamlined service while providing a marvelous customer experience.  This will allow for fewer mistakes when servers are placing orders, save money from printing out numerous menus and servers can focus on the customer.  Please contact us to discuss the options for your restaurant in implementing.

By Brandie McCallum

My Community Manager


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