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Txt MeAs a business owner you are busy. You have a restaurant to run, orders and bookkeeping and staff to manage. The kitchen, the front of the house and marketing it all! There are a lot of pots to stir. Things change on the fly and it’s difficult to email. In this ever changing world, most if not all of your staff will have a mobile phone. Here is where you can make one simple thing can save you a lot of time, energy and create a more efficient work flow!

With your staff, keeping clear communications is key. From the kitchen staff to your hosts and your bartenders, knowing when something is out or reservations are heavy for the evening needs to be shared quickly.  Using a text app to keep everyone informed, up to date and in the know will ensure this one piece of your business runs efficiency.

Using an app system with your employees will help them develop a better working relationship with each other, know when meetings are and have the ability to swap shifts.  Of course, you will need to set up the parameters and train people on etiquette.  What they can do via text and what needs to be done with a phone call.

One such company, Crew, says “Crew makes it easy to ensure that your team is on the same page. Stay focused on shared goals, turn up teamwork, solve problems faster and celebrate wins. Crew brings your team together so everyone can have a successful day at work.” Sounds great, right?

We aren’t encouraging your employees to be on their phones checking texts during shifts, we are suggesting that maybe, a text will help improve communications and make a few things in your business move more smoothly and efficiently. Make technology work  for you not you working harder!

By Brandie McCallum

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