Why Txt Messaging – Online-Mobile Ordering



An astonishing 85% of the population owns mobile devices, they are checking those devices over 150 times per day, checking email, facebook and receiving text or SMS messages.  98% of all SMS messages are opened.  These are some high numbers, how do you use them for your business?


They offer you the potential of reaching a new and or utilizing your existing customers! Using a simple SMS program, you can reach out to your customers or potential customers with a clean message.  Offer them a coupon, share specials or notify them of events.


How do you do this?  Empower and charge your employees to share with your customers! Encourage your employees to chat with customers while they are sitting at the table with their smart phones out, place signage at the counters and offer Customers coupons, discounts just for listening. Utilize QR codes on take-out menus that link to the text sign up page, show them what they can receive, how the program works.  Many restaurants have seen as much as 10% increase in revenue with the use of a SMS program.


There are several programs that are easy to use and don’t require a lot of investment,   Setting a “KeyWord” will signal to the program to send out a message, it’s easy to opt in or out for your customers.  This will allow you another platform to reach your customer, to communicate specials with them at the touch of a keypad! Here is a list of a couple of programs that have been implemented and seen success with other restaurants:

Pocket-Promo http://www.pocket-promo.com/

Notepage        http://www.notepage.net/

Tatango        http://www.tatango.com/


Combining the use of your employees and an SMS program to incorporate specials or special events within your restaurant will speak to those customers that rely on their smart devices.  It will align cleanly with your marketing strategy already in place and create another way to speak to your customers where their attention is and drive it to you.


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