You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Kiosks

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Are you considering automating with kiosks? These handy dandy automated touch screens, empowering your customers to order on their own, pay on their own and could potentially save you money aren’t all the gold mines they claim to be.

 Sure, it’s great to have automation, people can self-check out, customize, there is no longer the human error. That’s not so great, part of coming to your restaurant is the way your employees make someone feel, the more personal touch that each customer receives when they sit down. Let’s not give that up just to save a few minutes!

 There are a few other drawbacks to the kiosk systems, some of your customers may not be tech savvy, they might become easily frustrated and disappointed by the lack of human interactions while out enjoying a lovely meal out! Costly mistakes can be made, systems can go down and what was supposed to be a relaxing and easy evening has turned into a tangled web.

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While a kiosk is great, they are costly to install and maintenance for the machines and software. It will be necessary to train employees on the use of, maintenance and complex issues that can potentially arise as is the case with machines.

 What are you wondering to use instead? A smartphone app. Most people are using apps on their smartphone, and this gives them the power right in their hands. Create a smooth experience for them, that they can control. They can order, track and watch the whole process!

 Letting your customers choose the way they interact with how they order, communicate and see your offerings is smart and a cost-efficient investment for your business. Being mobile friendly will move your business forward and appeal to a broader customer base. Let us help you make the decision easier and call or email us!

By Brandi McCallum  @lttlewys

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